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Water World Prague

Water World in the unique Aquapalace Praha sports and leisure complex is made up of three palacesthe Palace of Treasures, the SPG Palace of Adventures a COCA-COLA Palace of Relaxation, and outdoor zone and Coral Dome, Suba-diving pool, Fast river and Children’s play area.

Indulge yourself in choice! For those of an adventurous disposition, we have the Palace of Adventures. Those who want to rest should not fail to visit the Palace of Relaxation! Sports lovers will certainly appreciate the outdoor zone with its wide range of sporting options...

Water World offers visitors of all ages 12 toboggans with a length of up to 250 meters with a choice of calm or wild adrenaline-fuelled rides. Apart from toboggans, Water World offers other attractions such as slides, whirlpool baths, relaxation terraces, an artificial waves and the most popular attraction in the Aquapark as well as the 250-metre Fast river which runs through the whole of Water World. The Water World includes also entrance to the Panoramatic and Children's sauna.

Palace of Treasures

The dominant central feature of the Palace of Treasures is the wreck of a pirate ship and sea monsters. Children love treasures and adults love them even more. Treat yourself to a trip to the Palace of Treasures to find some, be this in the form of the romantic fairy-tale atmosphere of Water World, the obvious similarity to the Caribbean with palms or the superb wave machine.

A true treasure for our youngest visitors is the Children’s water play area with a paddling pool, slide and children’s pool. For older visitors, there is space for relaxation with a whirlpool bath and massage benches.

Palace of Adventures

The Palace of Adventures with toboggans and a ride through the dark or in a tunnel with sound and light effects and ride on inflatable rings ending in the Fast river offers excitement, thrills, laughter and shouts of joy.

The wild water provides an adrenaline-fuelled ride, spiralling down into the space bowl as do the slides which take you to the Slow river with caves and lagoons and whirlpool benches to relax on.

NEWS of 2019: For the first time in the Czech Republic and in the Aquapalace Prague the Magic Tube slide! Experience Space or Heaven's Virtual Reality!

Palace of Relaxation

After a sporting and fun-filled adventure, the Palace of Relaxation is just the right thing with its irresistible pool with sky blue surface, relaxation zone with whirlpool baths, massage benches or loungers on the relaxation terrace.

You can also relax in an active way, for example in the channel of the Fast river which runs through the whole of Water World and which flows into the Outdoor zone together with the channel of the Slow river.

Outdoor zone

The outdoor zone provides a sporting and relaxation section in the open air, opened by the sun and often staying open until the first stars come out. The open-air pool in Water World gives you energy and refreshes you, including a gentle massage on the whirlpool benches or under a massage shower.

Other enticing attractions such as the bouncy castle or the new Wipe out can be seen from the comfortable loungers dotted around the lawn, as can the electric bumper boats or the children’s water playground with a slide, climbing frame and paddling pool.

The outdoor zone is packed with attractions and lots of stands selling refreshments. Allow yourself to be pampered by the sparkle of the sunlight, the warming rays and enjoy an appetising drink. The outdoor zone of Water World at Aquapalace Praha is ideal for having fun, rest and relaxation and recharging your batteries.

Coral Dome

For those who are romantic at heart and for underwater dreamers, a large chunk of the underwater kingdom is within reach with dozens of multi-coloured fish, starfish, sea urchins and corals as well as sea turtles. The wonderful atmosphere of the Coral Dome is emphasised by a pool with water which reaches a temperature of up to 31 °C, sunny sandy beach and the popular Caribbean cocktail bar with an offer of original cocktails.

Diving Pit

The brave and those who admire deep water, scuba-diving and the mysterious world of the underwater kingdom can try scuba-diving for themselves by immersing themselves in the 8-metre diving pit. Become a scuba diver and dive over 3 depth levels. And don’t worry. An experienced and qualified instructor will be looking after you every time you dive. The diving pit in Aquapalace Praha is the deepest in the Czech Republic, so make sure to try a dive and try something you never thought you would dare to do!

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