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Aquapalace Praha

Aquapalace Hotel Prague is part of the unique Aquapalace Praha sports and leisure complex, formerly known as Aquapark Čestlice. On an area of more than 9,000 m2 a large number of attractions are available offering fun, adrenaline, entertainment and relaxation in the 3 palaces of Water World – Palace of Adventures, Palace of Treasures and Palace of Relaxation.

The Palace of Adventures with a hint of adrenaline on 6 toboggans and 3 slides with a space bowl offers never-ending adventure for adults and children alike. The swirling Fast river which runs through the whole of Water World empties into the outer part of the complex.

The Palace of Treasures with its dominant pirate ship feature is perfect for families with children. There are several paddling pools and slides, a pool with the artificial waves and children’s Aquapark. Children's and Panorama's Sauna is as well a part of the Adventures Palace.

The Palace of Relaxation is not only about being pampered in the whirlpool bath or resting on a massage bench, but also having a calm swim in the pool or having a stretch in the artificial river. After having fun in the water, massage benches are available as well as comfy loungers on the relaxation terrace.

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Important information - upcoming renovation:

Renovation of a whirpool in Palace of Treasures – 3. Nov 2019 – March 2020     Construction of a new water bar
Water World

Water World

Water World in the unique Aquapalace Praha sports and leisure complex is made up of three palaces – the Palace of Treasures, the SPG Palace of Adventures and the COCA-COLA Palace of Relaxation, an outdoor zone and Coral Dome...

Sauna World

Sauna World

Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha is divided into three imaginary parts – classic Finnish saunas, Roman baths and an outdoor part. Each of the imaginary parts is different, although all of them provide detoxification for your body...

Spa – Wellness

Spa – Wellness

Relax on your own or with your family in the Wellness Centre, allow yourself to be pampered with massages, body treatments, balneotherapy or a luxury private spa. After exotic procedures such as Hammam and Rhassoul you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

Fitness is about physical activity and health. Fitness is a way of life. The fully air-conditioned two-floor Fitness Centre at Aquapalace is focused on general physical fitness achieved with the aid of special exercise machines and training equipment.



Gradual restriction of mobility is a natural sign of ageing and it already starts when you are young. The current “sedentary” trend in society, limited natural movement and often unhealthy lifestyle are the initial causes of ...

Restaurants in the Aquapark

Restaurants in the Aquapark

Gastronomy facilities are an integral part of Aquapalace Praha in the form of restaurants and bars located at convenient points around the whole complex...

Sauna World supports detoxification of the body, improvement of the circulation and boosts the body’s immunity. The offer includes Finnish and outdoor saunas, Roman baths, an outdoor Scandinavian cabin and Russian style sauna. All types of saunas have their own unique ceremonies and essential oils which are prepared for visitors by experienced sauna masters.

Spa – wellness – health – beauty. Regenerative and natural processes in care for the body leave visitors with unique and lasting experiences from massages and exotic procedures, cosmetic services and balneotherapy for individuals or couples.

The two floors of the Fitness Centre offer the best equipped and air-conditioned fitness centre in the Czech Republic. By using the exercise machines and training equipment, weight training and performing aerobic activities, visitors to the Fitness Centre contribute towards reducing the likelihood of various lifestyle diseases occurring.

Rehabilitation at the Aquapalace Spa in Prague is designed for convalescence after injury and operations and to remedy the consequences of lifestyle diseases. Diagnostics, reconditioning exercises, hydrotherapy, massage and special spa procedures are conducted by rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapists.

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Price from 378 €
Enjoy an active family holiday in Aquapalace Hotel Prague including free entry to the largest Aquapark in Central Europe.
Price from 398 €
This special package will be enjoyed by everyone. By adults who get to revisit their childhood days and by children when visiting the largest model railway exhibition in our country.
Price from 358 €
Discover the beauty of historical Prague and at the same time, relax in Aquapalace Hotel, offering you daily unlimited entry to the largest Aquapark in Central Europe Aquapalace Praha.
Price from 358 €
Enjoy an active family holiday in Aquapalace Hotel Prague including free entry to the largest Aquapark in Central Europe.
Price from 328 €
Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy unique relaxation in Water World and Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha.
Price from 328 €
Enjoy true relaxation in Aquapalace Hotel Prague with relaxation options in Water World and Sauna World.
Price from 358 €
This accommodation package includes entry to the largest amusement park Funpark Žirafa, where children of all ages can go wild.
Price from 468 €
If you want Christmas this year to really be a time of peace and relaxation, don’t hesitate to spend this holiday with us.
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