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Is there anybody who doesn’t like heat? Heat in its many forms ranging from classic saunas and spas, right through to special sauna ceremonies.

Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha is divided into three imaginary parts – classic Finnish saunas, Roman baths and an outdoor part. Each of the imaginary parts is different, but all of them offer detoxification for the body via the medium of heat on the skin and removal of pollutants. Regular sauna use contributes towards firming the skin, improves the circulation and increases the body’s resistance to colds. You can care for your health and beauty all year round in the many saunas and spas to be found in Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha.

Cooling off goes hand in hand with taking a sauna. Special showers and plunge baths are available for this purposes. After cooling off, it is time to relax on loungers, on relaxation benches or in whirlpool baths.

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Finnish saunas

The basis of taking a healthy and effective sauna is the correct choice of temperature and humidity during the sauna. Finnish saunas with an operating temperature ranging from 60 °C to 110 °C are located inside the complex and also in the outdoor zone with a relative humidity of 10% – 30% and recommended sauna duration lasting from a few minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes. After having a sauna, pleasant gradual cooling off is recommended under a cold shower, in a well with crushed ice or in a classic plunge pool, followed by relaxation in a relaxation room or on the outdoor roof terrace.

Roman baths

Roman baths provide relaxation in Turkish style steam cabins, where the air temperature ranges from 26 °C to 65 °C with a relative humidity of 35% – 100% and recommended sauna duration 25 – 30 minutes.

Roman baths are also a popular place for traditional warm swimming pools with ionised water temperature of around 30 °C. An integral part of classic Roman baths is the original design of the ceiling. In our baths, the roof is glazed and looking up at it not only evokes feelings of relaxation but also an emotional mood.

Cooling off in the Roman baths at Aquapalace Praha is ensured by cold massage and aromatic showers with tropical or storm rain or cold fog.

Outdoor saunas

Outdoor saunas are represented by the typical Russian sauna and banya with temperatures ranging from 80 °C to 95 °C with a relative air humidity of 15% and recommended sauna duration of around 10 minutes. A sauna experience in the middle of the countryside in a genuine Scandinavian log cabin with plunge pool, shower, relaxation terrace with loungers and whirlpool bath until late into the night right under the star-filled sky.

The high temperatures of Russian saunas cause condensation of water and sweat on the body and result in intensive heating with many positive effects on the body. Inside the stone lodge, a combination of high temperatures, natural humidity, essential oils and minerals provide you with a wide range of positive sauna effects on the body.

The process of taking a sauna is made even more intense by the ever more popular sauna ceremonies, which elevate taking a sauna to the very highest level of effectiveness and exceptionality due to their unique nature and originality. Sauna ceremonies provide sensory and physical perception using aromatic essential oils, preparations, products and special towel moves with the aim of creating a so-called steam impact.