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Tel.: +420 271 104 191
Mobile: +420 739 341 082

Gradual restriction of mobility is a natural sign of ageing and it already starts when you are young. The current “sedentary” trend in society, limited natural movement and often unhealthy lifestyle are the initial causes of pain, muscle imbalance and have an impact on the quality of your health and your life.

In the widest sense of the word, rehabilitation is renewal of the original condition, healing and restoring your strength, performance and fitness. Therapeutic rehabilitation is a medical discipline focused on prevention, diagnostics and therapy for musculoskeletal function disorders. According to the statistics, 95 percent of people have problems which can be healed using rehabilitation procedures.

This means that rehabilitation in the Aquapalace Spa in Prague is perfect for almost each and every one of us, both for a relatively healthy person who just suffers a bump or has backache and also for people recovering after an accident or operation.

Diagnostics are performed in the spa complex, reconditioning exercises, hydrotherapy, massage or special spa procedures under the direction of erudite professional doctors and physiotherapists associated in the non-governmental medical facility Aquapalace Lázně Praha.

Each course of rehabilitation begins with thorough examination by a rehabilitation doctor, who assesses your state of health and determines a rehabilitation treatment plan. Movement and the effects of physical energy eliminate not only dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, but also affect the functions of the somatic system (functions of the bodily organs) and mental functions.

Aquapalace Hotel Prague constantly monitors the requirements of its clients, in particular in the field of provision of professional therapeutic care in the exclusive Balneo & Medical Centre at Aquapalace Praha. Packages of therapeutic programmes have been prepared for clients which are targeted on specific frequent problems. Subject to request, packages can be flexibly extended to include other services which can be used in the Aquapalace Hotel Prague complex.

Therapeutic programmes can be used on an out-patient basis or including accommodation in the extremely comfortable Aquapalace Hotel Prague which is directly connected to the spa areas, Water World and Sauna World, the Fitness Centre and the Outdoor sports and relaxation zone.

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