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Terms & conditions

The person reserving the services (hereinafter the "Client") hereby in accordance with Section 5 paragraph 4 and Section 9 letter a) of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection and on amendment of certain other acts, as amended (hereinafter "Act No. 101/2000 Coll."), hereby grants consent for the processing of his/her personal data.

Administrator of personal and sensitive data: Redvale, a.s. (Administrator).

Processed personal data: Contact information, address, phone number, e-mail address and if necessary also information about the Client's birthplace and age.

Process of processing personal data; The Administrator shall process personal data for communication, offering of services, products and other information about the Administrator and its products and services, including sending of commercial messages via electronic means.

Means and method of processing personal data: The personal data are obtained from the Client either directly or by phone and may also be obtained based on completed contact or order forms. All data are stored in written and digital form.

Period for which the Client grants consent for personal data processing: the consent is granted for an indefinite period of time or until revoked.

Voluntary nature and option of revoking of consent with personal data processing: The provision of personal data is entirely voluntary. The consent hereby granted by the Client may be revoked at any time by the Client sending a written request to the Administrator. In the event of such revocation of consent, all personal data that the Administrator is not authorised to process based on other legal circumstances shall be permanently liquidated in a secure manner, and access to liquidated data cannot be renewed in the future. Information about whether the Client's personal data has been provided and to which processor shall be provided to the Client upon request. Information about whether the Client's personal data has been provided and to which processor shall be provided to the Client upon request.

Data processing entities: Provided personal data, including sensitive data, will be processed by the Administrator and other parties in the position of processors. The Administrator has entered into an agreement with the processors regarding processing of personal data pursuant to Section 6 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., for example for the purpose of statistical processing of data. The Client shall always be informed about each specific processor. All obligations related to personal data protection shall always apply to processors as well.

Information about whether the Client's personal data has been provided and to which processor shall be provided to the Client upon request.

Disclosure of data to other entities: Personal data, including sensitive data, may be disclosed only to parties authorised to receive the data by law and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (such as law enforcement bodies, etc.).

Instruction of the Client pursuant to Sections 12 and 21 of the Act:

The right to access to personal data pursuant to Section 12 of the Act: If the Client requests information about processing of personal data, the Administrator shall be required to provide such information without undue delay. In exchange for providing the information, the Administrator is entitled to demand a reasonable fee not exceeding the costs that were absolutely necessary for providing the information.

Protection of the Client owning the data pursuant to Section 21 of the Act: Each Client who discovers or suspects that the Administrator is processing his/her personal data in a manner that conflicts with requirements for protecting his/her personal privacy or that conflicts with the law, particularly if such data are unclear in relation to the purpose of their processing, may ask the Administrator or processing parties to provide an explanation or may demand that the Administrator or processing party rectify such situation (by blocking, making corrections to, adding to or liquidating personal data). The Client shall also be entitled to contact the Administrator with legitimate requests regarding the data, and if the Administrator does not satisfy such requests then the Client may contact the Personal Data Protection Authority, even directly.