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SPA and rehabilitation

The Aquapalace Spa offers a concept of day spas for beauty, relaxation and harmony.

If you are looking for a place to have rest, regular massages, facial procedures, or if you long to spend an unforgettable time relaxing with friends, don’t hesitate to visit us. You will find yourself in the care of highly trained staff who will see to all of your requirements. We offer professional experience at acceptable prices. Using top quality products, our professionals will rid you of muscle and mental stress and give your skin a fresh new appearance.

In this oasis of beauty and relaxation, we know that quality and length of life is not determined only by genetic predisposition, but also by how we look after ourselves over the course of our lives, and this is why we have prepared a varied range of relaxing body and cosmetic procedures to ensure the harmony of your body and mind.

Our spa philosophy is one of respect for the individual requirements of our guests. There really is something for everybody in our range of body procedures which will ensure you relax from your head to your feet. You are only a small step away from overall harmony in our SPA.

Sauna World

Sauna World

In the extensive Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha, visitors of all ages can choose from various types of saunas, these including classic Finnish saunas and Roman baths or an outdoor Scandinavian log cabin...



A spa is a place of relaxation which is perfect for switching off and forgetting about everyday stress. Pamper yourself and use our selected SPA rituals to do so!

Balneo & Medical

Balneo & Medical

It would be hard to imagine Aquapalace Praha without the exclusive Balneo & Medical Centre. The very name Aquapalace is in itself a guarantee that this concerns a unique facility which uses the beneficial effects of water...

Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

Fitness is about physical activity and health. Fitness is a way of life. The fully air-conditioned two-floor Fitness Centre at Aquapalace is focused on general physical fitness achieved with the aid of special machines...

Sauna World is popular not only due to the unbelievable offer of 14 types of saunas to warm and relax your body, but also due to the positive effects which taking a sauna have on the human body. Essential oils, aromatic and essential showers and cooling pools are an essential part of the sauna experience. Classic Finnish saunas, Roman baths and outdoor saunas – this is Sauna World at Aquapalace Praha.

The Wellness Centre provides visitors pleasant and indulgent procedures leading to rest and relaxation which evoke both immediate and also longer-lasting mental and harmonious wellbeing and balance for the body and mind. Together with natural procedures, professional staff create what is literally paradise on earth. So let us pamper you, wake your body from its fatigue and let us tune all of your energy into a harmonious whole.

Aquapalace Balneo & Medical is a non-governmental facility providing comprehensive services in the field of physiotherapy and therapeutic rehabilitation. Using therapy, we prevent or treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system both in terms of individual treatment and also in combination with accommodation and other services or entertainment.

The Fitness Centre at Aquapalace is a two-floor complex supporting sporting activity, physical condition, fitness and the concept of reinforcing your health and developing your strength through weight training and aerobic activities, with the aim of reducing or completely eliminating the occurrence of lifestyle diseases and habits.

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