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Opening hours:

Mon - Sun: 09:00 a.m. - 21:00 p.m.


Tel.: +420 271 104 131 nebo +420 739 341 082

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SPA-Wellness price list

A spa is a place of relaxation which is perfect for switching off and forgetting about everyday stress. Pamper yourself and use our selected SPA rituals to do so!

Enter an oasis of calm and enjoy one of the massages, body and spa procedures, manicure, pedicure or cosmetic treatments. Treat your body to the healing touch of natural procedures and allow yourself to be cared for by professionals in the field of care for the body. You can choose from a wide range of SPA procedures lasting from thirty minutes to two hours, or choose one of the luxury all-day packages.

If you are unsure which procedure to choose, just ask a member of staff who will be happy to recommend the perfect procedure for you. Our experts know precisely how the individual procedures work, who they are designed for and how they can be mutually combined. Cooperation with leading global brands are your guarantee of the quality of our products and procedures, SPA therapists undergo regular specialist training and therapy is their vocation. Also precisely focused treatment with the aim of modelling the figure, alleviating the effects of ageing or strengthening the immune system – all of this could be the perfect relaxation experience provided by spa cosmetics.

Popular body and cosmetic treatments are not only the domain of women. Many men also seek out high quality skincare. Combination of professional cosmeticians and cosmetics leads to luxury treatment of all types of skin for people of all ages. It is especially professional care for the hands and feet in the form of manicures or pedicures which not only contributes towards improvement of the nails, but also includes treatment and softening of the skin.

Private spas are the ideal place for a private party, spending your free time in combination with rest and relaxation among family, but can also be a place for a romantic meeting, a get-together with friends or an unusual gift idea. Private spas offer a whirlpool bath, your own Finnish sauna, a shower and relaxation bed.

The still underrated oriental Hammam bath and Rhassoul clay wrap offered by the SPA at Aquapalace Praha are making a name for themselves slowly but surely. Those who do not try these procedures will not experience the relief, the cleansing and nutrition they provide to the skin.